Welcome to Jenny’s Sugaring!


I’m excited to introduce you to my personal Sugaring Studio. This company has been established based on my personal experiences in the beauty industry, and my own knowledge and expertise in sugaring hair removal. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the most reputable women in the sugaring industry. I am ecstatic to bring North County San Diego the best sugaring experience!


About Me


After enduring multiple unpleasant waxing experiences, skin irritations, and never ending ingrown hairs; I had the urgency to obtain my cosmetology license. I wanted to master the technique of sugaring so I could help others who have been through a traumatic experience, which is why I created, “Jenny’s Sugaring”. Being a Poway native all my life, I am thrilled to finally open up my own sugaring studio where I know I can provide all of my prospective clients with nothing but a comfortable, enjoyable experience! 🙂

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